FEBIP Homepage

Welcome to the webpages dedicated to Focused Electron Beam Induced Processes (FEBIP).

This website is dedicated to nanopatterning by chemical reactions (deposition and etching) triggered by a focused electron beam. This nanostructuring approach is resistless and maskless has an experimentally proven limit of detection below 1 nm.

This website provides you with background information on FEBIP, an extensive database with references to literature for further reading, as well as information about past and future workshops. Finally, there is a list of people interested and/or working in the field of FEBIP.

Past Workshops:

Up to now 5 FEBIP workshops were held to serve the community.

1st FEBIP workshop: Delft, Netherlands in June 2006
2nd FEBIP workshop: Thun, Switzerland in July 2008
3rd FEBIP workshop:  Albany, USA in July, 2010
4th FEBIP workshop:  Zaragoza, Spain in 2012        

5th FEBIP Workshop: Frankfurt, Germany in 2014                                                                                                               


Future Workshop:

6th FEBIP workshop will be held in Vienna, Austria in 2016.


Future Conference/Symposium

Future Symposia

FEBIP will be the main topic of the second meeting of COST Action CELINA held in Bratislava, Slovakia from May 6-9, 2015. Link

A session on "Electron, ion and photon beam stimulated etching and deposition" will be held at the EIPBN 2015 in San Diego, CA , USA from May 26-29, 2015.EIPBN Conference Link

A dedicated symposium on "Focused electron beam induced processing" will be held at the EuroCVD 20  in Sempach, Switzerland from July 13-17, 2015. EuroCVD 20

A symposium on “Electron-Molecule Collisions and Swarms” will be held at the POSMOL 2015 will  in Lisboa, Portugal from 17-20 July, 2015. POSMOL Link

A meeting on “Application of novel precursors in the FEBID process” and further FEBIP sessions are planned at the MNE 2015 in The Hague, Netherlands from September 21-24, 2015 MNE 2015 Link

For further details go to the section Meetings.